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Successful Book Signing

Hello All, and “Hello Lillian!”.

I had a very successful book signing last Saturday.  I met a lively, intelligent young lady about 8 years old who is an author and illustrator of books. We had a delightful conversation about the writing process.  I look forward to seeing her again.  I also met a Chinese-American gentleman who taught me how to write the theme of Kerloon and Cooley in Chinese characters.

Half Price Books has a wonderful service for authors with new books.  They provide the space for a table to be set up so the author can do book sales and signings.  They take no part of the sales.  The author sells the books directly.  They are very helpfull and encouraging.

We’re getting closer to finishing Frog and Lily – one more rewrite and a couple more illustrations.

Happy reading, Kathleen

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How to Make Your Own Book

Hello Readers,

I’m currently working on a book for my nephew’s son, Oliver.   It’s not for publication; it’s personal.  Oliver is the main character.  It’s an ABC book.  I’m drawing and painting the illustrations and writing in the text.  You could do this, too.  It’s easy. Another way to make a book is to use pictures of your subject, cut and paste on sturdy paper, add text then get each page laminated and do a spiral binding.  Very sturdy.  Your local print shop can assemble and bind the book for you.

No news on my second book yet.  My friend and illustrator, Virginia, has been out of touch lately.  She’s recovering from knee surgery.  So when the time is right, the book will be finished and published.

Kerloon and Cooley is moving, slowly but surely.  I’ll be lining up some more book signings.  Austin is very hospitable to authors.

Happy reading, Kathleen

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Book making – progress?

Hello out there,

Progress on the book sales front.  I’ve been working the last few weeks on promoting Kerloon and Cooley here in Austin.  Monkey Wrench Books on North Loop and Book Woman on north Lamar are now carrying the book. Plus, two more bookstores have been contacted and will see me next week.  And there’s more!  Three national book store chains have sample copies and will let me know in August if they’re interested.

Frog and Lily will be published in late October or early November once all the illustrations are ready. That’s the plan.  I have four finished  illustrations and my friend and illustrator, Virginia Fordice,   is working on four more. I’ll keep you posted.

One more bit of news, Kerloon and Cooley has been accepted into the Austin Public Library’s  Local Authors Collection.

I need some feedback from you on my first published book.  Please send me a comment.

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Writing from the Heart

My favorite children’s book author is Patricia Polacco.  Her book, Thank You, Mr. Falker,  tells the story of an artistic girl who cannot read, was bullied in school, and helped by a concerned teacher who recognized she might be dyslexic.  The title of the book reveals the real Mr. Falker, Patricia’s elementary school teacher that noticed her reading problem and worked with her after school everyday to help her learn how to read.  Patricia Polacco told her own story through the characters she created.  That’s writing from the heart.  All her stories are inspiring for both children and adults.

Kerloon and Cooley  is based on the Golden Rule.  During my years in teaching children,  that was the only rule I posted in my classroom. As I gained more experience as a teacher, I developed ways to create a safe classroom.  Children can’t learn if they don’t feel they’re in a safe environment. By providing experiences that developed trust and cooperation between the students they were able to recognize and value the philosophy of  “treat others the way you would like to be treated.”   You can find this philosophy stated in a variety of ways in every major religion.  I really enjoyed my time teaching children.  I taught from the heart, now I write from the heart. Kathleen

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Welcome to my blog!


Thanks for checking out my blog.

Keep checking back!

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