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on September 11, 2012

How to Make Your Own Book

Hello Readers,

I’m currently working on a book for my nephew’s son, Oliver.   It’s not for publication; it’s personal.  Oliver is the main character.  It’s an ABC book.  I’m drawing and painting the illustrations and writing in the text.  You could do this, too.  It’s easy. Another way to make a book is to use pictures of your subject, cut and paste on sturdy paper, add text then get each page laminated and do a spiral binding.  Very sturdy.  Your local print shop can assemble and bind the book for you.

No news on my second book yet.  My friend and illustrator, Virginia, has been out of touch lately.  She’s recovering from knee surgery.  So when the time is right, the book will be finished and published.

Kerloon and Cooley is moving, slowly but surely.  I’ll be lining up some more book signings.  Austin is very hospitable to authors.

Happy reading, Kathleen


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